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Erica’s Accident – Thanks for the prayers

I do thank everyone who has sent me kind messages and prayers during this time.

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We’ve Returned From Italy

We made it back safely. Italy was a WONDERFUL experience. I will post some videos and more trip info soon.

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The Mass Transit Experiment Update

This has been a good experience for me. Erica now has her van and I have my car back… but I am still riding the bus. While the weather is good, I see it as good exercise and a money-saver. Once cold sets in, well, I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep-up the biking. Anyhow, challenges can be opportunities if you allow them to be. AB

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Jim Stewart Passed Away

Family and friends, this morning I got the word that my friend Jim passed away yesterday morning. It is a BIG shock to everyone that it happened so quickly. I am sure that his family is devastated and in need of prayer. I am stunned. Jim, now you get to see the stars.

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Erica’s Auto Accident Update

So, to summarize the state-of-the-accident, Erica and the girls are fine. We just bought Erica a mini van. All is well with the world and we’re certainly blessed.

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