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Biking from downtown Matthews to Charlotte uptown (attempt #2)

So, today was my 2nd attempt at biking from the downtown Matthews area to uptown Charlotte for work. Saturday, I rode in as a trial run and if you read my comments, you’ll note that I tried to primarily stay on the sidewalks and it took me 90 mins. Basically, I averaged 8 mph this way. This morning, I made the decision that it is, generally speaking, more dangerous to ride on the sidewalks (if I am moving at a good speed) than it is to ride on the road with auto traffic. So, when I was moving at a good speed, I rode on the street, as close to the right as was reasonable so that traffic could pass easily, and took to the sidewalks on hills and times when my pace would slow. With that in mind, it took me only 50 mins to get to work today. So, I averaged approx 15 mph by sticking to the roads. In my experience, riding on the sidewalks made the trek significantly more difficult and time-consuming. To top it off, the rough ride of the sidewalks hurt my back. So, for now at least, I am sticking to the road and hopefully the other commuters will remain friendly. Is anyone else out there trying this or something similar?

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