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Bike Commuting from Matthews to Charlotte (#4) : middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rager

Well, today I have to say that I was partially inducted into cycling as I was the target of middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rage this morning on the ride in. Look, I think that many clyclist get a few horns… I already expect that kind of stuff. This guy was, in my opinion, just off of his rocker this morning. I was on Monroe Road just past the intersection of Sardis Road heading toward Charlotte. He gets maybe 6 feet behind me in his car and stays there for maybe 5 mins laying on the horn and shaking his hands in chaotic signs of irritation with me; it was kind of a hypnotic hand dance of aggressive gestures. I waved for him to pass me and he just stayed there harassing me, honking the horn, and yelling. I was, and still am, absolutely floored by this behavior. I guess the poor guy just doesn’t like to share with other travelers. *sigh* Anyhow, he eventually passed and went on. It did, however, remind me that though he deserved to be "digitized" (if you know what I mean), I really need to take a higher road and maintain my composure when dealing with such people. If you are the middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rager, I forgive you but please chill out and share the road. Forget about time, we all need to get to our destinations safely.

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