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New Nintendo DS to Take Pictures, Play Music, + More

Japanese video game maker Nintendo Co Ltd plans to launch a new model of its DS handheld machine that can take pictures and play music by the end of the year.  The move would pit the top-selling portable game gear with Apple’s iPod and camera-embedded mobile phones. The price for the new machine, which will also be equipped with advanced wireless communications functions, is expected to be below 20,000 yen ($189) in Japan, compared with 16,800 yen for the current model, the Nikkei said. [Read More]

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Simple device uses electrical field to boost gas efficiency by 20 percent

With the high cost of gasoline and diesel fuel impacting costs for automobiles, trucks, buses and the overall economy, a Temple University physics professor has developed a simple device which could dramatically improve fuel efficiency as much as 20 percent. The device creates an electric field that thins fuel, or reduces its viscosity, so that smaller droplets are injected into the engine. That leads to more efficient and cleaner combustion than a standard fuel injector, he says. [read more]

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SpaceX becomes first private company to achieve orbit with a rocket

SpaceX wrote history today as the first private financed company to achieve orbit with a rocket. As Elon Musk stated “this really means a lot”, it can be the beginning of significantly lower launch costs and therefore increased number of launches. After three unsuccessful flights, “fourth time’s a charm” Musk said. [read more]

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Does ideology trump facts? Studies say it often does

We like to think that people will be well informed before making important decisions, such as who to vote for, but the truth is that’s not always the case. Being uninformed is one thing, but having a population that’s actively misinformed presents problems when it comes to participating in the national debate, or the democratic process. If the findings of some political scientists are right, attempting to correct misinformation might do nothing more than reinforce the false belief. [read more]

These ideologies come from and in many forms; theology, nationalism, social conditioning and culture, etc. So, the presentation of truth, not necessarily truth itself, is always relative to context and Interpretation AND some just more willing to be led and mislead? Psych and sociology 101. AB

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Chelyabinsk Russia Attempts to Put Giant Smiley on Google Earth

A crowd of citizens in the Russian town of Chelyabinsk, formed a giant yellow smiley that is anticipated to be visible via Google Earth. [read more]

So, what symbol or message would your city stamp on Google Earth if it had the chance? AB

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Cool Gadgets: Laser-projected keyboard

A few people have asked me about this cool gadget and where to get one. Anyhow, here you go. Great for travel and conferences. AB

The I-Tech laser keyboard acts exactly like any other "ordinary" keyboard: A direction technology based on an optical recognition mechanism enables the user to tap on the projected key images, while producing real tapping sounds (we call it the WOW effect..). [get more info]



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Class action suit claims that EA’s “Spore” defrauds consumers by installing undisclosed DRM

Electronic Arts, a leading maker of computer games, defrauds consumers through its "Spore" game, which installs an "uninstallable" and "undisclosed" program that "remains a fixture in their computer unless and until the consumer completely wipes their hard drive through reformatting or replacement of the drive," a class action claims in Federal Court. The class claims that "Spore," a virtual reality simulation game, contains "a second, undisclosed program" called SecuROM, a "form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) for computer games." [read more]

Sony got busted for similar practices on audio CDs a year or two ago. AB

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Rhino Times paper ends Charlotte print yet remains online

Citing rising production costs and dwindling advertising, Charlotte’s Rhinoceros Times has stopped the presses after six years. Launched as a politically conservative free weekly, it will live on as an Internet-only venture at, editor Mark Pellin said Thursday. “It’s frustrating because readership remains strong; feedback remains strong,” said Pellin. [read more]


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Study finds that Nintendo’s “Brain Age” video game boosts student math performance by 50 percent

A new UK study into the potentially beneficial effects of Nintendo’s Brain Training games claims that playing the titles daily not only boosts students’ math skills, but improves their concentration and behavior levels, too. More than 600 pupils and 32 schools were involved in the project, which began in April. Tests showed that those using the game improved by a further 50 percent. The time taken to complete the tests also dropped by five minutes, with the improvement of the games group more than twice as much as the control classes. [read more]

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Fake Internet pop-up study sadly confirms most users are idiots!

For most of us, security issues happen to "other people"—we block popup ads, we carefully examine dialog boxes and, for those of us on the Mac platform, we snicker when confronted with something that attempts to mimic a Windows system warning. But everyone knows that they are exceptional—what’s the behavior of a more typical user like? Some researchers have tested how college students respond to fake dialog boxes in browser popup windows and found that the students are so anxious to get the dialog out of the way, they click right through obvious warning signs. [read more]

Is anyone in IT really surprised here? AB

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