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Video from Rock The Vote’s visit to CPCC’s Central campus in Charlotte (featuring guest appearances by The Beastie Boys, Santogold, and Sheryl Crow) on 2008-10-27


I finally got around to publishing the short video to YouTube. The Rock The Vote bus visited the Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) Central campus near downtown Charlotte, NC on 10/27/2008. This included guest appearances by The Beastie Boys, Santogold, and Sheryl Crow. Sheryl even did a brief live acoustic set. The Beasties Boys also took a moment to greet fans and signed a few autographs. ;-)

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Will our data survive 50+ years from now? The ‘Digital Dark Age’ may doom some data.

What stands a better chance of surviving 50 years from now, a framed photograph or a 10-megabyte digital photo file on your computer’s hard drive? The framed photograph will inevitably fade and yellow over time, but the digital photo file may be unreadable to future computers – an unintended consequence of our rapidly digitizing world that may ultimately lead to a “digital dark age,” says Jerome P. McDonough, assistant professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. [read more]

I don’t know that systems won’t be able to open standard files in a hundred years. Data integrity, the corruption of data over a long span of time, and the degrading of storage and media seem to be the most concerning issue that we are going to face. Don’t we face that in the physical realm? Adam

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Web-based Microsoft Office online service revealed

When the next version of Office ships, Microsoft plans on making a cloud-based version available for what it calls "lightweight" editing, such as to edit spreadsheets. These apps will have a subset of the desktop Office functionality. [read and see more] MS is late out of the gate on this compared to Google. They really need to start making services available quickly or risk loosing users to competitors. Will people actually be likely to manage files in two places; Google and Live?

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The Second Coming of Second Life and Virtual Worlds / Virtual Environments

Virtual worlds such as Second Life have a bright future, according to experts, especially as businesses start to realize how they can be used for collaboration within their organization and with customers. A couple years ago, big names in tech and business were rushing to capitalize on Second Life’s popularity by building ‘islands’ and headquarters in the virtual world – or using it to sell products in a novel way. But since that initial rush, things have quieted down. Media coverage of virtual worlds has subsided and some early adopters have abandoned their virtual activities after failing to reap benefits from the medium. So are virtual worlds dead? [click here to read more]

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Carbon Nano-Tube Color A4 E-Paper: Samsung Electronics and Unidym demonstrate the first carbon nanotube-based color active matrix electrophoretic display (EPD)

Samsung Electronics and Unidym have demonstrated the world’s first carbon nanotube-based color active matrix electrophoretic display (EPD) e-paper. The revolutionary color e-paper was demonstrated on a 14.3 inch display. The e-paper device jointly completed by Samsung and Unidym uses a carbon nanotube (CNT) transparent electrode developed by Unidym. CNT is a novel material that has extraordinary electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. [read more]

The new film is electrically conductive while almost completely translucent and 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. EPD has advantages over conventional flat panel displays; low power consumption and bright light readability. Applications include e-paper and displays.

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League For Innovation CIT 2008 Conference Update

League CIT conference attendees, I have received so many great emails from you all since the conference in Salt Lake City. I thank you all for your great feedback and support. It was my pleasure to present and meet so many innovative people. Leaving conference life (semi-reality) and coming back to work life (actual-reality), I feel like I went out of the pan and into the fryer quickly this week with trying to catch-up on the normal back-log of things to be done. I have not gotten everything posted for you, however, I have not forgotten about you at all and will have updated presentation files and mindmaps posted to the "files" area of my web site and blog shortly. Keep the emails coming as I love connecting with you! Adam Books

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SGD125: Week 11 Class Update

SGD125 students, week 11 online content is available. This week begins Part 3 of the book on "Advanced Topics and Applications." Specifically, we will, in chater 7, be going over advanced pathfinding AI techniquest for gaming. Read chapter 7 and complete the obsrvations activity. If you have any issues, contact me directly or post to the support discussion forum. Adam Brooks

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SGD111 Students – Good job with your midterm projects

SGD111 students, I just wanted to say that you did a really great job on your midterm projects. It’s fun to see the different ideas that you all have. Keep up the good work, continue to read, and work on thinking "outside of the box" on your game concepts. Grades will be updated shortly. Adam

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Technology Addiction: a quandary snaring more people as technology pervades society

It’s a quandary that’s snaring more people as technology pervades society. In 2002, 63 percent of Americans said it would be "very hard" to give up their land line telephones and 47 percent said giving up their televisions would be tough. By 2007, they had switched their allegiance to cell phones and the Internet, according to a survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. The shift to mobile and Web-based technology has increased addictive behavior, say experts. [click here to read more]

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Rock The Vote w/ Sheryl Crow and Beastie Boys coming to CPCC Central 10/27

The Rock the Vote bus will be on the CPCC Central Campus quad on Monday, October 27th from 11:00 AM-2:00 pm encouraging voter participation. We’ve been told that special musical guests Sheryl Crow and Beastie Boys will be joining the event at around 1:00 pm.  Student Life has done a tremendous job organizing this event for us, so pass it on to your students or colleagues if you think they might be interested.

Like what! AB

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