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SGD125 Update: Week 12 + Unreal

Students, week 12 content, activities, and resources are available in the online course’s "Assignments" area! By now, everyone (SGD125 online and in-class students) should have purchased and/or downloaded the UT3 software with the Unreal Editor (UE). This week, we start learning how to use it. If you’ve working with game engines before, this will come quickly to you. For some of you, this will be your first experience with an engine. There is a lot to pick-up on but it will be a lot of fun. Get started! AB

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The 7 Sins of Online Video Instructional Design

The following article contains a summary and overview of the 7 Sins of Online Video Instructional Design: not connected to learners, poor planning, length is too long, No close captioning, poor quality, no comprehension, no hands-on lessons… Read More

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Insomniac Games opening NC-based development studio in Raleigh/ Durham area

Insomniac Games, an independent video game developer ranked among the top 10 best small companies to work for nationally and locally, is opening a North Carolina-based development studio. Our NC studio will blend our experience and proven track record of hits with the tenacity of a start-up. Expanding to the Triangle also allows Insomniac to maintain an ideal size in Burbank while offering an East Coast alternative to attract and retain the best in the industry! Yes, they seem to have jobs. Read More

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How to Incorporate Stupidity Into Your AI Code

Neversoft co-founder West presents a thought-provoking look at improving the believability of AI opponents in games by upping their use of "intelligent mistakes", in a piece originally written for Game Developer magazine.Read More

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Game Writing From The Inside Out

Backing games with a strong story is an inherently complex effort — and considering that not all games even need narrative, why go to all the trouble? In a Gamasutra-exclusive analysis, Marianne Krawczyk and Susan O’Connor, writers for the God Of War series and Far Cry 2/Gears Of War respectively, discuss the transformative effect that stories can have on gameplay. Read More

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Web 2.0 Doesn’t Exist But Web Pi Does!

Web 2.0 is more or less the second generation of Web sites and services that emerged after the dust had settled from the first dot-come bubble and bust. Many of these Web sites integrate social interaction. They also do more than their predecessors (Web sites of the 1990s and early 2000s). A conference even sprang up to help collect, represent, and promote the second interactive growth spurt. Within a few years, however, people started talking about "Web 3.0." This annoyed me because it assumed that Web 2.0 had some real meaning. It doesn’t. It’s just a label for a bunch of disparate companies and products. I know some people think that Web 2.0 actually means social networking. It doesn’t. Even if you’re convinced that it does, what would Web 3.0 be? Social networking that makes tons of money?  Let’s be clear: Web 2.0 is not doomed. Web 2.0 does not exist. Read More

Ok, we’re just talking semantics here. I, however, like to set geeky trends, not just follow them. So, with this motivating desire in mind, I have already moved well beyond "Web 2.0" and "Web 3.0" verbiage. I am now up to "Web Pi" or "Web 3.14159265358979323846." You may say that it doesn’t exist but it does an it’s cyclical. AB


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Free trueSpace7 3D Modeling Software

For the moment, trueSpace7 is free via the company web site. I’m not sure how long this will last but get while you can @!

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SGD125 Update Week 10 + Ch 6

SGD125 students, welcome back from Spring Break! Hopefully everyone is still motivated and ready to wrap-out this term. If you have not yet completed the midterm exam, do so this week (under weeks 8 + 9 of the assignments area). This week begins week 10 of the course and chapter 6 of the book. You can review the course calendar if you have any questions about the week-to-week flow of the course. If you have not yet done so, get "Unreal Tournament 3" with "Unreal Engine 3" (see the prior blog post about this if you missed it) as we will be suing this soon. On-campus class is tonight on the central campus at 6pm. If you have any questions, send an email to me at  AB

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SGD125 Class Update

SGD126 students, I hope that everyone is having a great break. Do not forget to take the mid-term exam online. Also, per the message that I sent out last week, work on getting Unreal Engine for when we return. Email me if you have any questions. Adam Brooks

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e-Learning Best Practices: Video-Learning Object Format

Revisiting his work on creating an identifiable format for video-learning objects, Peter Fadde contends that while developing such a format takes time, the return-on-investment is worth it. In his article, Fadde analyzes the effectiveness of a series of mini-lecture video-learning objects called Real Time Minutes—short, thematic mini-lectures covering various aspects of synchronous online instruction. Read More

For those of you who are newer to media-enhancing online courses, this has valuable information. AB

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