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Teabaggers and Tea Party Convention Do More Harm Than Good

This whole Tea Party brouhaha is not helpful. We do not need more idiotic finger-pointing and sensationalism. Teabaggers, you are doing FAR more harm than good. An intellectual argument can be made for supporting conservative principles and electing those who represent them. Let us (conservatives) refocus on teaching our core principles of small government, fiscal responsibility, states rights / empowerment, national security, civic engagement, and reinforcing the founding principles of the American system that we love. We need to lift public awareness in a positive way, not tear them down. This takes education and should be presented as our nation’s opportunity. Instead, you make us (conservatives) look like a callous group of emotionally-charged yet intellectually deficient fools. Great job! Really, great work there. Really? *shakes head* (ref: Tea Party convention’s racial brouhaha: Obama won because Jim Crow-era law not on books – Tancredo)

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