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Delete your online Google Browsing Histo

Delete your online Google Browsing History before the new privacy policy begins.

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Free teach-yourself web development mate

Free teach-yourself web development materials covering HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

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Read This Call to Action: Serving The Needs of Peru

Online friends, please take a moment to read this call for action. I realize that everyone is busy and that we all face daily challenges. Simultaneously, we are all immensely blessed and we are able to make significant differences in the lives of families around the world. A family friend, Dana Keith, is seeking to serve the needy in an outreach opportunity to Peru through Next Level Church. The team that she’s joining will be doing several aid projects including delivering wheelchairs to those in need. Why am I posting this? I post this because I know that this program changes lives and I also know that Dana will be an amazing support to this initiative. Dana faces some travel-related costs and is seeking sponsors to support her work. If you are able, please consider contributing financially. Your gift will provide for great things to happen. Reply here or DM me and I will connect you with Dana directly. Adam Brooks

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Free Vinyl LPs Up For Grabs in CLT / Matthews

Friends, I have a small vinyl record collection with goodies spanning mostly the 1960s-1990s. Some of it’s really great stuff IMO and some of it’s completely random pieces that I sampled from or caught my curiosity. I’m clearing out my office and it’s all up for grabs to the right person. If you want it, reply or DM me. It probably… 3 crates worth of vinyl.

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Suppose we never find evidence of life o

Suppose we never find evidence of life on Mars. Should we seed life into extreme environments that could host simple lifeforms? #noahsark.

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RT @edisonnation: “Just because somethi

RT @edisonnation: “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – #ThomasEdison

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#AFMAC Board Members of the Armed Forces

#AFMAC Board Members of the Armed Forces Museum & Archives of the Carolinas Voted In

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Rethinking the American mall through non

Rethinking the American mall through non-traditional uses. #urbanism

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#AFMAC An Evening of Honor, Tradition an

#AFMAC An Evening of Honor, Tradition and Music with Bluegrass, Country, and Gospel Music

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Microsoft quietly making loads of money

Microsoft quietly making loads of money & making great decisions. With Kinect for your PC no need 4 a touchscreen. @wxbrad

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