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Supporting tourism via use of virtual technologies

Owner/CEO of CST, Fathi Al Riyami, writes on supporting tourism via use of virtual technologies: @omanobserver

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Social media messaging question words th

Social media messaging question words that yield “yes” or “no” responses such as “should” and “would” — as well as multiple choice questions like “which” — tend to generate more comments than nebulous, open-ended questions like “why” and “how.”

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Synthetic biology: The ability to reprog

Synthetic biology: The ability to reprogram the genes of existing creatures to make them do what we want them to do.

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The number of data breaches in the US in

The number of data breaches in the US increased by 67 percent in 2011. #security

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While #sm posts w questions generate mor

While #sm posts w questions generate more comments, they tend to garner fewer Likes and shares than non-question posts.

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My experience presenting + facilitating

My experience presenting + facilitating w @MctYouthSummit event has been highlighted + quoted in today’s @OmanObserver.

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“untrustworthy” faces were perceived a

“untrustworthy” faces were perceived as significantly more trustworthy by the older subjects than by the younger ones.

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Technology Drivers depend on internal te

Technology Drivers depend on internal technological capabilities to develop new products and services.

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TY to the event staff + energetic youth

TY to the event staff + energetic youth of the Muscat Youth Summit for your enthusiasm and hospitality. I will return inshallah. #MYS2012

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Copernicus and Darwin and latter-day sci

Copernicus and Darwin and latter-day scientists have been discovering are the laws and workings of the simulated reality.

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