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Four percent of America’s church congre

Four percent of America’s church congregations are multiracial, w no racial group having a majority. #religion


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89 percent of recruiters surveyed hired

89 percent of recruiters surveyed hired someone they found or were introduced to through LinkedIn. | @CPCC #socialmedia

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Think output. Think clear goals and mile

Think output. Think clear goals and milestones. Think end vs. means.

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Groups of workers who took a five day br

Groups of workers who took a five day break from email experienced lasting more natural heart rates. Email bad.

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Top 10 Interview Questions: “What did yo

Top 10 Interview Questions: “What did you like least/most about the position you are leaving?”

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The number of multiracial faith communit

The number of multiracial faith communities has nearly doubled in the past decade. #church #religion

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McDonald’s ranking among fast food opti

McDonald’s ranking among fast food options is slipping w young adults / Millennials. | Relevant? Fresh?

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93 percent of recruiters surveyed in 201

93 percent of recruiters surveyed in 2012 tapped into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. | @CPCC

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#CLT Charlotte highlighted by FORTUNE as

#CLT Charlotte highlighted by FORTUNE as one of the fastest-growing cities for tech jobs. #geek

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“The ‘security’ society is over. OVER

“The ‘security’ society is over. OVER! And it’s never coming back.” |

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