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Recruiters report difficult time managing young workers

Nearly 70% of corporate recruiters report their company has a difficult time managing young workers.

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If Bart Simpsons aged normally…

If “The Simpsons” aged normally, Bart would now be older than Marge was in the first season. #factoid

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Yes or no to school vouchers in North Carolina?

Yes or no to school vouchers in NC? Read the arguments for and against. Public money for private schools? #NC #EDU

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Success With Facebook! Learn Facebook best practices and more.

Success With Facebook! In this hands-on lab you will learn best practices as you build a Facebook presence. #CLT

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“Management is doing things right; leade

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” — Peter F. Drucker

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Promising results from “hybrids” using

Promising results from “hybrids” using MOOC courseware and face-to-face classes with on-site faculty members. #edu

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Learn how to create, manage and protect

Learn how to create, manage and protect your privacy as you develop a personal Facebook page. #CLT

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MOOCs: Anything free and of value will h

MOOCs: Anything free and of value will have a huge number of consumers. #edu #edtech

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Historic News, MLK Day and the Civil Rights Movement…

Historic News, MLK Day and the Civil Rights Movement…

Yesterday being the Martin Luther King holiday, this post is somewhat timely. I spent some time over the weekend scanning through old articles and headlines of the U.S. civil rights movement including the March on Washington, Selma, Montgomery and the tragic assassination of MLK. I read from a Chicago newspaper about the days of rioting that followed. I read of the Civil Rights Bill being passed. I have now documented 334 rare and/or historic publications in my collection. 

For some great headlines and pics from the archives, check-out this photo gallery. There’s a Time Magazine featuring Martin Luther King, Jr. as the man of the year. For another perspective, there’s an issue of the Saturday Evening Post with an autobiographical article byMalcolm X entitled “I’m Talking to You, White Man.” This national divide was near but before my time and it’s a bit surreal to read about. I’ve witnessed the repercussions but not the struggle. When I was a kid, it felt so long ago. Things were so much better in the good ol’ days? 

I have also been logging the inventory to a spreadsheet in you’re interested. I still have at least one more bin to go through. I’ll add more pics and entries as they come in.

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Learn about Twitter micro-blogging and other social networking services

Learn about Twitter micro-blogging and other social networking services such as LinkedIn. #CLT

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