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Get your #geek on at the 10th annual THE Geek Fest coming to Charlotte on Nov. 14th, 2013

Get your #geek on at the 10th annual @THEGeekFest coming to #CLT on Nov. 14th. Open call for contributors! Apply now!


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eCommerce Charlotte is brings eBay experts to Charlotte

eCommerce Charlotte

eCommerce Charlotte

#eCommerce Charlotte is bringing @eBay to Charlotte on Oct. 10. Learn expert strategies and best practices! #CLT

SAVE THE DATE! eCommerce Charlotte is partnering with eBay to bring a special Meetup experience. Come hear from eBay experts to find out the latest and greatest strategies, ideas, and best practices you need to accelerate your business! Speakers are announced once confirmed and usually at least a week before the event. Be sure to sign up right away as this event is FREE and space is limited! 

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The North America Computer Sciences Skills Gap

North America is simply not producing enough computer science grads to fill industry needs — not by a long shot.

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Singularity: Lifespan becomes enormously

Singularity: Lifespan becomes enormously extended, death becomes an affliction and not an inevitability.

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#SEO Myth: Metatags of Description and Keywords Help Your Search

#SEO Myth: Metatags of Description and Keywords Help Your Search Rankings

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Common #SEO Myths and Misrepresentations

To better understand the basics of #SEO, let’s first begin by dispelling some of the common myths and misrepresentations.

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Mobility means info, convenience and social

Mobility means info, convenience, and social all served up on the go, across a variety of screens and devices.

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Update Your Password Every 90 Days

This is just a gentle reminder to my friends and family: Please protect yourself by CHANGING YOUR PASSWORD at least every three months. Seriously. It only takes a moment and is one of the best ways to prevent your profile from being compromised. Click on the down arrow to the right of the “Home” link in the Facebook toolbar at the top of your screen. Select “Account Settings” and click on “Password” for reset options. It has been helpful to me to develop a system for a common memorable password that I can vary every few months. Try to use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and even symbols in your password.

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Job Opportunity: Yelp is looking for: Pr

Job Opportunity: Yelp is looking for: Product Manager – International Products #job RT @nicoleyelps

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Google Now Accepting Student Application

Google Now Accepting Student Applications For Its 2012 Summer of Code

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