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Adam’s Top 10 Bike Commuting Tips

My top 10 bike commuting tips are probably pretty basic.

  1. Have your bike checked and ready to go the morning before you leave.
  2. Always pack a spare tube and mini pump. A bike multi-tool is nice to have too in cases of problems.
  3. Bring a full bottle of ice water and stay hydrated. For longer commutes and/or really hot days, I’ll pack two full bottles.
  4. Leave early. Depending on your level of rest, weather, temperature, wind, air quality, etc, commute times will vary. Also, a little extra time buffer allows for a break or repair if needed.
  5. Bring a change of clothes, shoes, towel, deodorant, etc to the office a day or more ahead of the ride. It’s a real drag to haul a backpack on a long commute.
  6. Buy and carry a prepaid bus/transit pass. You can often buy a 5 or 10 ride pass for cheap. If you run into issues, often times you can easily cut over a few blocks to a transit route.
  7. Avoid major arteries (heavy-traffic roads) whenever possible. It’s not just the cars but also the poor air quality which is worth avoiding.
  8. Don’t eat a heavy breakfast. As with any workout, you’ll probably do best to eat somewhat light before heading out. I often eat a banana or granola bar and down a glass of water while prepping for my. I almost always pack an extra granola bar for as needed.
  9. Always check the weather. You can readily purchase really small and light rain ponchos which strap easily to a bike frame.
  10. It may sound a little ghetto but if you see a good, even well worn, solid leather belt at a second-hand store, grab it. They’re great as straps for securing things to a bike frame.

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Two-wheeled cultural revolution. http://

Two-wheeled cultural revolution. #biking

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