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BarCamp Charlotte V comes to Area 15 on April 16th, 2011

BarCamp Charlotte 5

BarCamp Charlotte V

Friends, I am MC’ing the upcoming BarCamp V event in Charlotte and just wanted to fire off a quick intro and invite to you. Please do feel free to fwd the event to your friends and associated that may be interested.

“BarCamp” is a free, unconference event for networking, knowledge-building and fun. If you’ve never participated in a BarCamp, it’s a lot of fun, you’ll meet some great people, and learn something new. Best of all, it’s completely free. If you’ve worked with me on THE Geek Fest initiatives in the past, BarCamp is different but has a similar grassroots vibe and also supports a culture of innovation in the greater Charlotte area. Topics presented typically range from the geeky and technical to the creative and weird.

Come join us at Area 15 on April 16th, 2011. If you feel the calling, present something yourself. I am absolutely certain that you’ll be glad that you came.

Also, on the same day, CPCC is hosting “Sensoria” activities on the Central campus near uptown and it’s going to be outstanding as well. If a day with the geeks doesn’t speak to you, there are nearby alternatives. Yes, I just made a double-plug. =)

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