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The Global Class and Any1Can Project : A Global Technology Resource to Teaching Compassion

The Global Class and Any1Can Project : A Global Technology Resource to Teaching Compassion

ATTN friends — I need just a moment of your time.

Please take just a moment and vote for “The Global Class & Any1Can Project.” I have been working with a local non-profit organization, Mothering Across Continents, on a proposal for the “Compassion & Technology Contest” 2013.

This contest is being presented by Stanford’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) in collaboration with Facebook, HopeLab, 1440 Foundation, and the Dalai Lama Foundation with the goal of introducing a technology design or product that will help people learn, practice, and/or improve one or more of the following qualities: compassion, empathy, social connectedness and altruism.

I know that we have a winning idea and I’m confident in our ability to bring it all to fruition. We do need your support by way of online votes. Also, we need you to help us amplify this project by sharing this post to your online friends and social media contacts. It costs you nothing and only takes a minute.

Thank you!

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Google Now Accepting Student Application

Google Now Accepting Student Applications For Its 2012 Summer of Code

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