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The North America Computer Sciences Skills Gap

North America is simply not producing enough computer science grads to fill industry needs — not by a long shot.


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the really low cost benefits of really lazy social media – an experiment

ok, so as an experiment (why not?), i am testing a concept for syndicating content by auto-feeding multiple RSS feeds which are periodically monitored into Twitter and other social media accounts. each post pulled from these feeds are auto appended with relevant hash tags that are to the account and to the feed. now, my premise is that an account can be a non-social channel and be successful (based on followers, RT, and trending stats) is social web with little or no significant maintenance and thus little or no costs. certainly not as much for as the social web can be but valuable to organizations none the less. sure, it has probably been done by someone out there but i’d like to see if and how successful it can be… without breaking a sweat. AB

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