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Cardinal RIP

Well, the cardinal made it throguh the night, but not much longer. Erica called and he died sometime this afternoon. Oh well, we tried.

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Cardinal vs. Storm Door

Today was beautiful. We opened the doors and windows ot let some fresh air into the house. As we are working, we hear a *thud* against the open storm door. A fledging Cardinal bird has flown into the glass of the door. He was dazed, but did not seem injurded. We placed him a bit away from the house so that he could "shake it off" so-to-speak. Well, that was a bad idea. Another male Cardinal started to attack him. He received a nice peck to the head, but seems okay. We moved him into a crate on our porch so that other birds would leave him alone. At this point he has recooperated as much as possible, but I elieve his left leg is injured and thus still cannot fly. More updates to come.

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Have we found a new home?

Standard Pacific Homes Family – Westfield

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After some consideration, discussion and debate, I believe it is time to move. While I love our little town of Matthews, the girls will be in school soon and I feel far less committed to Charlotte-Meck schools than to my children and family (for obvious reasons). York country Fort Mill (SC) schools are the best in the area.

We still have much research and prep work to do, but here we go again!

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