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U.S. Census and Charlotte Transportation

U.S. Census: Within city of Charlotte, 77.2% commute to work alone by car, only 3.7% use public transportation. #CLT

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Average people allow time to impose its

Average people allow time to impose its will on them; remarkable people impose their will on their time.

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The harm of sitting is it making you fat

The harm of sitting is it making you fatter and dumber. Not surprised but not sure what to do about it either.

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How To Slack Off at Work – Would you care if your colleagues called you a slacker?

Your instinct might be to deny allegations of being anything less than an overachiever, but in reality you could be better off as a lazybones. The conventional workplace wisdom is to keep up with the Joneses and then leave them in the dust. After all, in a competitive job market, you don’t want to be seen as a weak link. But if you’re getting all your work done well and on time, why shouldn’t you take a little time to relax? [read more]

Interesting perspective. I don’t know that I agree but it is thought-provoking. AB

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Bike Commuting from Matthews to Charlotte (#5) : the route less taken

So, I have been communicating with various biking/cycling groups in the Charlotte area recently. I connected up with Ed from the Charlotte area "Bike Mentor" group. He’s been riding a route (click here to check it out) on occasion from Independence Boulevard to uptown Charlotte that rides much in the same direction that I commute to work. His route is pretty nice as it rides through some nice neighborhoods, parks, and tends to avoid the main streets. Yes, it takes a bit longer but is much more enjoyable and seems safer. I rode a revised version of this route to and from work yesterday and it was a great change. So, thank you to Ed and I’d definitely recommend Matthews-to-Charlotte commuters consider this alternative.

I guess that I also need to spend some personal time also looking for my own alternate routes to places where possible.

Now, the one thing that still rubs me wrong about the whole thing is that I don’t want to cater to bullies. As I’ve gotten older, my desire to cater to bullying and aggression in any way has really gone out of the window — I don’t. The middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rage (and others reflective of) do not deserve to be justified and I hope that it doesn’t seem that I am. However, regardless of my feelings, I know that the main roads concerned my wife ever since I started riding. I am doing this for her and, of course, my little girls who need me to be as safe as possible while getting into this lifestyle.

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Bike Commuting from Matthews to Charlotte (#4) : middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rager

Well, today I have to say that I was partially inducted into cycling as I was the target of middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rage this morning on the ride in. Look, I think that many clyclist get a few horns… I already expect that kind of stuff. This guy was, in my opinion, just off of his rocker this morning. I was on Monroe Road just past the intersection of Sardis Road heading toward Charlotte. He gets maybe 6 feet behind me in his car and stays there for maybe 5 mins laying on the horn and shaking his hands in chaotic signs of irritation with me; it was kind of a hypnotic hand dance of aggressive gestures. I waved for him to pass me and he just stayed there harassing me, honking the horn, and yelling. I was, and still am, absolutely floored by this behavior. I guess the poor guy just doesn’t like to share with other travelers. *sigh* Anyhow, he eventually passed and went on. It did, however, remind me that though he deserved to be "digitized" (if you know what I mean), I really need to take a higher road and maintain my composure when dealing with such people. If you are the middle-aged-white-guy-in-a-big-car-road-rager, I forgive you but please chill out and share the road. Forget about time, we all need to get to our destinations safely.

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Bike Commuting from Matthews to Charlotte (attempt #3)

So, Wednesday was "Don’t Drive Day" for the Charlotte area. I had emailed out to some friends and co-workers about it the day before. I told them that I was planning to bike in, encouraged them to try alternative transportation, etc. Anyhow, I woke up to rain. Well, is slowed and the air quality was really good so I decided to risk it and go ahead with my plans. A little less than half way there, it poured… again. I got soaked. Near the end, I usually have a little burst of enthusiasm and energy… not on this day. I felt like a wet cat on a cheesy poster or calendar and was ready to be done. Anyhow, I made it. I stayed true to my word but I need to learn to just keep my trap shut about cycling plans.

On the upside, on the ride back home, I met up with another cyclist named "Dan" who was heading my way. We rode together for about half of my trip and he gave me some good tips. Nice guy. Anyhow, this bike commuting thing seems to be going pretty well. I really enjoy getting out and the exercise does me good. Sure, I get a few horns but area drivers seem to be reasonably well behaved.

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Bike Commuting: Accident toll rises as gas-shocked commuters opt for bicycles

Accident toll rises as gas-shocked commuters opt for bicycles. With more Americans than ever before commuting to work by bicycle, cities are aggressively investing in biking trails, lanes, and rental and parking facilities. [read more]


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Biking from downtown Matthews to Charlotte uptown (attempt #2)

So, today was my 2nd attempt at biking from the downtown Matthews area to uptown Charlotte for work. Saturday, I rode in as a trial run and if you read my comments, you’ll note that I tried to primarily stay on the sidewalks and it took me 90 mins. Basically, I averaged 8 mph this way. This morning, I made the decision that it is, generally speaking, more dangerous to ride on the sidewalks (if I am moving at a good speed) than it is to ride on the road with auto traffic. So, when I was moving at a good speed, I rode on the street, as close to the right as was reasonable so that traffic could pass easily, and took to the sidewalks on hills and times when my pace would slow. With that in mind, it took me only 50 mins to get to work today. So, I averaged approx 15 mph by sticking to the roads. In my experience, riding on the sidewalks made the trek significantly more difficult and time-consuming. To top it off, the rough ride of the sidewalks hurt my back. So, for now at least, I am sticking to the road and hopefully the other commuters will remain friendly. Is anyone else out there trying this or something similar?

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My first experience biking from Matthews to Charlotte (approx 12 miles)

I have been talking form some time about biking from my home in Matthews to work in Charlotte. It’s far but not too far — approx 12 miles. It’s dangerous (traffice-wise) but not too dangerous. So, before I try to ride in on a normal business day, I decided to get off of my butt and give it a try on the weekend. Yesterday (Saturday), in the late afternoon, I rode into town. The experience was a pretty good trial run. The ride was long but not overly-strenuous; a good workout without making me good-for-nothing afterwards (strained but not drained). I think that it took me 90 mins from beginning to end and that time includes a brief stop-off at a local retail store to pick-up an under-seat storage bag for my stuff  (phone, wallet, etc). Now, the plan is to ride into work in the morning. I think that Monday or Tuesday will be my first "official" attempt. I’ll post how it goes once complete. This may become a regular thing for me (hopefully). I need the exercise and enjoy riding. Adam

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