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How to Retire at 40

Yes, it can be done if you’re willing to live differently than the American norm.

"It’s simple, but hard. Take 20% of your gross income every month, invest it in a balanced index fund and leave it there, then retire 20 years later with enough for a lifetime. Do you have what it takes?" Full article!


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Wanna Tango?

Hey guys, I just found this FREE tago workshop coming up. Who wants to dance?!?!

"Join us for a taste of Argentina where the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center partners with the Charlotte Tango Society and Friends of Music at Queens to offer a FREE workshop featuring local Tango artists Daniel Arredondo and Talia Buitrago. The artists will focus on the historical evolution of tango, including modern forms and ballroom dancing. They will demonstrate characteristics of tango rhythms and movement through demonstrations of various Tango figures, such as the Cruzada, Ocho, Media Luna and Lapiz, among others. Participants will also learn to appreciate the music and dance tango. By the end of the event, participants will have a better appreciation of tango as an art form, which will contribute to their enjoyment at the Forever Tango performance on May 5th – 6th, 2008."
Read full article!

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Getting Things Done

43 highlights from the "Getting Things Done" online web site. Read it!

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Lunar Eclipse Tonight

If you’re a night owl, come out and see the full lunar eclipse tonight. Click here to read more!

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