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$8,000 in quality men’s dress shoes

Friends and neighbors, you have likely seen my many shoe pics. This is a personal hobby and ministry. So far this year, I have gifted over $8,000 in quality men’s dress shoes. If you would like to be on the wish list for a nice pair of restored (vintage and modern) men’s dress shoes or if you know someone to bless, please contact me directly. I need only some basic contact details, size, and preferences of color or style. I will reconnect with you when I have a good match.


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Let me be a blessing to you. I have a hobby where I enjoy finding high quality men’s dress shoes used on the cheap and restoring them. I then gift them to people in my community (primarily #CLT metro and #MatthewsNC) and network. While still imperfect, a little time, care, and love can be transformative for shoes… and people. It’s my way to #love on others as #Christ has loved me. (@nextlevelclt) No pressure or guarantees, just sweat equity and the manly smell of shoe polish to lift souls and soles. Contact me if you have a specific need or know someone who does.

How can you help? Here are 5 specific ways that you can be a support: 1. First and foremost, activate. I’d love to help you apply your hobbies and passions to serve others. We all have skills and gifts to share. 2. Fulfill the mission by connecting me with those who have a specific need. 3. Find great shoes. I seek quality men’s dress shoes that would be a blessing to others. 4. Shoeshine supplies are appreciated. Rejuvenating shoes requires cloths, polish, creams, oils, brushes, edging, shoe trees, laces, etc. 5. Pray for God to use this small ministry to serve and glorify Him.

The Greatest Commandments – ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

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