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Teabaggers and Tea Party Convention Do More Harm Than Good

This whole Tea Party brouhaha is not helpful. We do not need more idiotic finger-pointing and sensationalism. Teabaggers, you are doing FAR more harm than good. An intellectual argument can be made for supporting conservative principles and electing those who represent them. Let us (conservatives) refocus on teaching our core principles of small government, fiscal responsibility, states rights / empowerment, national security, civic engagement, and reinforcing the founding principles of the American system that we love. We need to lift public awareness in a positive way, not tear them down. This takes education and should be presented as our nation’s opportunity. Instead, you make us (conservatives) look like a callous group of emotionally-charged yet intellectually deficient fools. Great job! Really, great work there. Really? *shakes head* (ref: Tea Party convention’s racial brouhaha: Obama won because Jim Crow-era law not on books – Tancredo)

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In the General Election, McCain Leads Against Both Clinton and Obama

I will leave it to the Clinton and Obama campaigns (and to commenters) to make the case that one Democrat or the other is stronger overall against McCain. Overall, these poll results show McCain leading Obama by 281 to 257 electoral votes and McCain leading Clinton by 277 to 261 electoral votes. [read more]

I don’t know that the Republicans deserve to win based on this term’s performance but it certainly is possible that they’ll pull it off in ’08. AB

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Some black voters may not vote in 2008 U.S. election if Barack Obama loses the Democratic Party nomination : The sad state of race relations in American politics

Some black voters are making it very clear: They’re concerned that Barack Obama is going to be denied the Democratic presidential nomination that they see as rightfully his, and if that happens, a lot of them may stay home in November. [Read More]

You know, there are a lot of reasons for Democrats to vote for Obama. There are also just as many reasons not to. For a significant number of black voters to pigeon hole this process based on the ethnicity/race of the candidates is sad. Divide, divide, divide… Shame on you! Adam Brooks


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Bush’s ‘I Told You So’ Legacy

As they assess his legacy, White House advisers are more confident than ever that historians will eventually see the wisdom of President Bush’s most controversial policies, even if Congress wouldn’t go along during his time in office. In fact, a senior administration official says Bush will be known for leading the "I-told-you-so presidency." More

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Ban Salvia, the ‘next marijuana’?

If it’s not marijuana, it’s something else because nature makes wonderful product. Though I don’t blame communities for seeking to control dangerous plants (I don’t want my neighbor growing a plot of it either), it seems pretty obvious that between nature’s complexity and man’s ingenuity, we will always find a way to get high. It’s a sad component of the human condition. 

"…salvia is being targeted by lawmakers concerned that the inexpensive and easy-to-obtain plant could become the next marijuana. Eight states have already placed restrictions on salvia, and 16 others, including Florida, are considering a ban or have previously." Read more! 

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Obama photo in turban and robe causes stir

You know, I am not a fan of Obama. He’s not "my" candidate. Short of me completely changing my political perspective, he will not receive my vote. However, if I were a Democrat (*cold shiver*), the Clinton camp’s recent dirty play would seriously turn me off. Full article!

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U.S. to launch missile at broken satellite

"WASHINGTON – President Bush has ordered the Pentagon to use a Navy missile to attempt to destroy a broken U.S. spy satellite — and thereby minimize the risk to humans from its toxic fuel — by intercepting it just before it re-enters the atmosphere, officials said Thursday. The effort — the first of its kind — will be undertaken because of the potential that people in the area where the satellite would otherwise crash could be harmed, the officials said." Click here to read the full article.
Now, what I read from this is that we (the US government and military) are 1) protecting people and 2) demonstrating the accuracy of our military systems to intercept extraterrestrial attacks to other countries’ militaries (namely China). AB

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