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Can you be de Vinci? The Principles of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Principles that guided Leonardo da Vinci include: Curiosita’ – an insatiable curiosity, Dimostrazione – testing knowledge through experience, Sensazione – continued refinement of the senses, Sfumato – a willingness to embrace ambiguity, Arte/Scienza – developing a balance between art and science, Corporalita’ – cultivating fitness and poise, Connessione – recognizing and appreciating that all phenomena are connected.

Are you or can you be da Vinci?

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Blogs are great but then there’s Twitter…

Well, folks, let’s be honest about it all — Twitter has seriously taken the wind out of general blogging. If you want to know the skinny on who, what, when, were, and why in 140 characters without a lot of fluff, check my posts / tweets @adambrooks. Though I’ll continue to host my larger formal blog here on Live Spaces, a majority of my recent publishing and authoring can be better tracked on Twitter and Facebook. AB

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Daddy, Jordyn, and Ava’s nature day

we hiked a small nature trail and walked a creek. in the creek, we caught a crawdad, a catepillar, a small fish, and a frog. it was a great time for the kids and myself. i’ll post pics soon.


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A Rainbow Brightened My Drive Home

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Being content with life

there are a lot of great things in my life but i am not content. my wife says that she is content with where we are. i can’t be and it, honestly, makes me question why she is and why i can’t be. maybe it’s a difference in belief and expectation. perhaps it’s a difference in drive and motivation. it is definitely something to pray on.

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