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SGD111 Class Update

SGD111 students, this week we are wrapping-up all class-related assignments, quizzes, and readings. If you have not completed any of the work, now is the time to knock it out or pay the price come final grade time. If you don’t complete the presentations and labs, it will catch-up to you. Last week I met with each of you to review your individual grades and status. If you need a refresher, login to the online course in Blackboard and on the left menu, click on "Course Tools" then "My Grades." If you have any questions or needs, please contact me directly via phone or email. The final game project presentations and files are due next class (12/8/2008). I will see you tonight!

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SGD111 Module 10 is available

SGD111 students, module 10 resources are available via the online course area in Blackboard. We’re quickly approaching the end of the term so get crackin’ on your FINAL group projects! We will discuss in-class further tonight. Adam

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SGD111 Students – Good job with your midterm projects

SGD111 students, I just wanted to say that you did a really great job on your midterm projects. It’s fun to see the different ideas that you all have. Keep up the good work, continue to read, and work on thinking "outside of the box" on your game concepts. Grades will be updated shortly. Adam

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SGD111 midterm project presentations due Monday (tomorrow evening in-class)

SGD111 students, this is a reminder that your midterm project presentations are this Monday evening in-class. I look forward to seeing the great work that your groups have done. Adam Brooks

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SGD111: Labor Day Holiday Reminder 8/30 – 9/1

SGD111: Labor Day Holiday Reminder 8/30 – 9/1: SGD students, this is a reminder that this weekend and Monday is the Labor Day holiday (8/30 through 9/1). We will not meet in-class on Monday. Week 3 activities will be available via the online course. Adam Brooks

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SGD111 assignment upload error

Students, I looked into the error messages that some of you were receiving when trying to submit files for you assignments. That error only occurs if you are using the new version of Firefox. So, for now, submit assignment files via MSIE if you experience the error. Adam

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SGD111 update : after the 2nd class and your 1st gaming lab

Everyone, good job last night. Clearly, as is true with most all courses, we all have varying experience with gaming and development. Those of you who are new to it, stick with it and do the labs — I believe that you will catch-on quickly and I’ll help you to get there. To those of you who have experience or catch on more quickly, take the labs and expand on what you’ve done — enhance it beyond the basics. Be sure to get the books this week and start reading as you don’t want to fall behind. If the bookstore doesn’t have it, check Amazon (linked on the syllabus). I’ll have mod 2 content available by the end of the week and we’ll start working on it in-class next Monday. Adam

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SGD111 Update: Great job last night!

Hey guys, great job on the presentations last night. I look forward to the class. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Complete the 1st week activities in Blackboard and be sure to get the books. You’ll need to begin reading chapter 1 in both. Next week we’ll start working with Game Maker software and some other goodies. Hit me via email if you need anything. Adam

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