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Integrated Bus Suggestions Document From 1956 – Montgomery, Alabama

Integrated Bus Suggestions Document From 1956 – Montgomery, Alabama

This 1956 document includes suggestions for managing bus racial integration. As we approach MLK Day in the U.S., this is worth reading. Certainly, it’s a reminder of segregation and the lasting legacy. I’m also reminded by it to serve as an example of civility in moments of sweeping change.

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U.S. Census and Charlotte Transportation

U.S. Census: Within city of Charlotte, 77.2% commute to work alone by car, only 3.7% use public transportation. #CLT

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Two-wheeled cultural revolution. http://

Two-wheeled cultural revolution. #biking

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Matthews Mass Transit Update

so, i did this for a while… and then we took our trip and it got cold and i got lazy, yada yada yada. i need to start again. it really was pretty enjoyable to have 30mins of self time while in commute. AB

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The Mass Transit Experiment Update

This has been a good experience for me. Erica now has her van and I have my car back… but I am still riding the bus. While the weather is good, I see it as good exercise and a money-saver. Once cold sets in, well, I don’t know that I’ll be able to keep-up the biking. Anyhow, challenges can be opportunities if you allow them to be. AB

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