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U.S. Census and Charlotte Transportation

U.S. Census: Within city of Charlotte, 77.2% commute to work alone by car, only 3.7% use public transportation. #CLT

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Survival tips for international travel on a budget

Traveling on a budget can be the best way to experience a country. Many will agree, however, that the scariest part of traveling on a shoestring is not knowing what you’re getting yourself into and not anticipating the curve balls that might be thrown your way. But if you learn to expect the unexpected and be prepared for disasters of any size and shape, the next time you flash your passport you’ll do so with the finesse of a seasoned veteran. [read more]

budget travel IS the way to go. this article has some good tips for new travelers. adam

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Hello Atlanta!

Just passing through…

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So long to Santa Cruz + San Francisco + California

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Update on our trip to San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, China Town, etc.

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We’ve landed in Santa Cruz, California

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A New Slant on the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa has been called "the world’s most famous construction mistake" and "the world’s longest-standing impending structural collapse." Yet it remains upright in spite of its age and precarious lean, not to mention the numerous invasive restoration projects it has endured. Ironically, it took the 1989 collapse of the mundanely perpendicular Civic Tower in Pavia, for Italians to get serious about stabilizing their country’s most famous architectural structure. From early 1990 until December 2001 it remained closed to the public while engineers implemented a complex $30 million rescue plan. The Tower still looks as if it might collapse at any moment, but in reality, it is more stable now than at any time in the past few centuries. [read more]

it is an architectural mistake but a cultural icon that brings HUGE tourism dollars to the area. ab

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Nude Airlines has arrived

I don’t understand why someone would really want to fly naked. Skydiving naked? Maybe. Also, for those of you considering this new travel experience, as is true for topless and nude beaches, public exposure is a wisely restricted privilege, not a right. If you’ve ever been on a topless or nude beach, you know that eye candy is a rarity. Please be respectful of other passengers in your decisions. Blah!

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Photos from our trip to Italy

This past September, Erica and I took a trip to various cities and sights in Italy. I have posted some photos from time there. I will add more when/if I get a chance. AB
Windows Live Spaces

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We’ve Returned From Italy

We made it back safely. Italy was a WONDERFUL experience. I will post some videos and more trip info soon.

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