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How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?

How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle? #seattle

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How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?

How many golf balls can fit in a school bus? Approximately 500,000.

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A Christmas Story Triple-Dog Dare: boy’s tongue stuck to frozen pole

In a scene straight out of the movie "A Christmas Story," a 10-year-old boy got his tongue stuck to a metal light pole. Police said the unidentified fourth-grader was able to tell them that a friend dared him to lick the pole Wednesday night. Temperatures in Hammond were around 10 degrees at the time. [Read More]

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No, we certainly didn’t notice a $175,000 bank error in our favor!

A Pennsylvania couple is behind bars after police say they failed to call the bank when a glitch put an extra $175,000 in their account. Authorities say 50-year-old Randy Pratt and 36-year-old Melissa Pratt instead withdrew the money, quit their jobs and moved to Florida. They were buying a house in the Orlando area when the mistake was traced. Read More

Riiiiiiiiight. AB

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6 Year Old Boy Misses School Bus and Tries to Drive Himself to School

Having missed his bus, a 6-year-old Virginia boy tried to drive to school in his family’s sedan — and crashed. State police say the boy suffered only minor injuries and eventually arrived at school after being evaluated at a local hospital. Police did not immediately return a call Tuesday asking who brought him there. read more

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Message in a bottle found after 4 decades

A message in a bottle tossed into the ocean off Barnegat Bay has turned up in North Carolina — 39 years later. The note was sealed in a Schaefer beer bottle. It was dated Aug. 17, 1969 and read: "If found notify the North Haledon Fire Co. 2." Read More

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What does a Japanese plant have to say? Check its blog.

Great, so now I have to compete with foliage for readers?

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How to pop corn with your mobile phone: Now I have to try it for myself

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Cambodian couple saw house in half after divorce


This photo taken on October 1, 2008 shows a house cut in half in Prey Veng province, some 90 kilometers east of Phnom Penh. A Cambodian couple hoping to avoid the country’s convoluted divorce process have separated by sawing their house in half, local authorities said. [read more]

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‘Beer goggles’ are real – other people really do look more attractive to us if we have been drinking.

For the first time, scientists have proven that "beer goggles" are real — other people really do look more attractive to us if we have been drinking. Surprisingly, the beer goggles effect was not limited to just the opposite sex among the ostensibly straight volunteers recruited for the study — they also rated people from their own sex as more attractive. [more]

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